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CAMBRIDGE AICE (British AS-Level and A-Level)

The AICE program is an international, advanced secondary curriculum and assessment program equivalent to the British system of “A-Levels.” Credit is awarded based on passing scores as recommended by the statewide Articulation Coordinating Committee (ACC). Information about the program, including course syllabi, can be found online at the Cambridge International website.

General Guidelines
  • Scores must be submitted on an official score report from the organization administering the examination.
  • Students may earn a maximum of 45 credits through a combination of accelerated mechanisms.
  • Duplicate credit cannot be awarded, i.e. if student has already received a grade of “C” or higher for a course, student will not be awarded credit for the course again.
  • Courses may be used for grade forgiveness purposes if student did not previously pass the course.
  • The grade of “S” is given for each course, and will not calculate into student’s GPA.
  • Students must be cognizant of initial testing and retake policies for each exam. Some exams require students to wait a specific amount of time before they can retake the exam.
  • For graduation purposes, exams must be taken and successfully passed prior to the last date of the month in which graduation is sought.
Updated August 2017
EXAM Score of A, B, C, D, E
EFSC Course(s) Cred Comments
Accounting (AS Level) ACG X001 3  

Accounting (A Level)

ACG X001 & ACG XXXX 6  
Applied ICT - Information, Communication Technology (AS Level) CGS 2100 3  
Applied ICT - Information, Communication Technology (A Level) CGS 1000 & CGS 2100 6  
Art and Design (AS Level) ARTC XXXX 3  
Art and Design  (A Level) ARTC XXXX & ARTC XXX1 6  
Biology (AS Level) BSCC 1005 4  
Biology (A Level)  BSCC 1010 & BSCC 1011 8  
Business Studies (AS Level) GEB 1011 3  
Business Studies (A Level) GEB 1011 & GEB XXXX 6  
Chemistry (AS Level) CHM 1025 & CHML 1025 4  
Chemistry (A Level) CHM 1025, CHML 1025, CHM 1045, & CHML 1045 8  
Classic Studies CLA X010 3  
Computing (AS Level) CGS X073 3  
Computing (A Level) CGS X073 & CGS X074 6  
Design & Technology (AS Level) ETIC X482 3  
Design & Technology (A Level) ETIC X482 & ETIC XXXX 6  
Economic (AS Level) ECO X000 3  
Economics (A Level) ECO 2013 & ECO 2023 6  
English Language or Language & Literature in English (AS Level) ENC 1101 3  
English (A Level) ENC 1101 & ENC 1102 or LIT 1000 6 If already earned ENC 1101 and 1102, may award ENC X121
English - Literature in English (AS Level) ENC 1101 or ENC 1102 3 Award credit for ENC 1102 if student has ENC 1101
 English - Literature in English (A Level) ENC 1101 & ENC 1102 Or ENC 1102 & LIT 1000   
 Environmental Management (AS Level) EVR 1001   
 French Language (AS Level) FRE 1120 or FRE 1121   
 French Literature (AS Level) FRE XXXX   
 French (A Level) FRE 1120 & FRE 1121  8 credits up to FRE 2221 
 Further Mathematics (A Level) MAC 1311 & MAC 2312  8-10  If already earned MAC 1311 or 2312, award STA 2023
 General Paper IDS X110   
 Geography (AS Level) GEO 2000   
 Geography (A Level) GEO 2000 & GEO X400   
German Language (AS Level)  GER 1120 or GER 1211   
German (A Level)  GER 1120 & GER 1121  8 credits up to GER 2220 
Global Perspectives (AS Level) ISS 2200 3  
Global Perspectives Pre-U Independent Research II (A Level) ISS 2200 & ISS X011 6  
History (AS Level) HIS XXXX 3 Student must provide the specific subject taken
History, US History c. 1840-1941 (AS Level) AMH X029 3 AMH X029 is unique to this exam
History, US History c. 1840-1990 (A Level) AMH X029 & AMH 2020 6 AMH X029 is unique to this exam
History, European History c. 1789-1917 (AS Level) EUH X031 3  
History, European History c. 1789-1941 (A Level) EUH X031 & EUH 1001 6  
History, International Relations/History c. 1871-1945 (AS Level) WOH X040 3  
History, International Relations/History c. 1871-1991 (A Level) WOH X040 & WOH X043 6  
 Latin (AS Level)  LAT XXXX 3  
Marine Science (AS Level) OCE 1001 3  
Marine Science (A Level)

OCE 1001 & OCBC 2010

Mathematics (AS Level)

MAC 1147 or
MAC 1114 & 1140

 Mathematics (A Level) MAC 1114 & MAC 1311  
Media Studies (AS Level) DIG X000 3  
Media Studies (A Level) DIG X000 & DIG X001 6  
Music (AS Level)  MUS X001  
Music (A Level)  MUS X001 & MUS X011   
 Physics (AS Level) PHY 2025   
 Physics (A Level) PHYC 2053  & PHYC 2054   
 Psychology (AS Level) PSY 2012   
 Psychology (A Level)  PSY 2012 & PSY 2014  6  
 Sociology (AS Level) SYG 2000  3  
 Sociology (A Level) SYG 2000   
 Spanish Language (AS Level)  SPN 1120 or SPN 1121  4  
 Spanish Literature (AS Level)  SPN XXXX  4  
 Spanish (A Level)  SPN 1120 & SPN 1121  8 8 credits up to SPN 2221 
 Thinking Skills (AS Level) PHI 2010  
 Thinking Skills (A Level) PHI 2010 & PHI X103  
 Travel & Tourism (AS Level) HFT X000  3  
 Travel & Tourism (A Level) HFT X000 & HFT X700   

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