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EFSC Parking Related Common Questions & Answers


COVID-19 Impact on Student Parking Permits


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parking permits are not currently required for EFSC students and 2020-21 permits are not for sale until further notice. We will provide information as it's available about when the requirement to purchase a permit has been reinstated. Information is subject to change as the College moves forward with plans to resume full Campus operations, currently targeted for January 2021 under the EFSC Phased Reopening Plan.

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Question 1:  How do I get a student parking permit?

To register a vehicle and purchase a parking permit, students must follow these steps:
Log in to myEFSC using the B Number and password assigned and once logged in

  • Choose Titan Web Services
  • Click on “Student Information”, then
  • “Parking Permits”, then
  • “Request a Permit”. Students may choose a vehicle that has already been registered or add information for a new vehicle.  
  • Click on “Submit” when finished.
  • Follow prompts to print Temporary Parking Permit. Take the Temporary Permit to the Campus Security Office to receive your permanent permit.

Question 2:  How do I get a faculty or staff parking permit?

Login to the myEFSC portal, using B Number and Password then:

  • Choose Titan Web from left column
  • Click on “Employee”, and then click on “Parking Permits”.
  • Click on “Request a Permit”. Enter in the required information and follow the prompts.
  • Print the Temporary Parking Permit and take the print out to a campus security office.

Question 3:  Can I switch parking permits between vehicles?

No. Parking permits are non-transferable. One permit per vehicle. The permits are not registered to the student; they are registered to the vehicle.

Question 4:  I dropped my classes or decided not to attend EFSC. Can I get my money back for a parking permit?

Class withdrawal/cancellation - The permit cost will be refunded if the permit was purchased prior to attending classes and a student withdraws from classes, or if classes are cancelled and a student will not be attending any other classes on Eastern Florida State College campuses. The parking permit must be returned to the Campus Security Office to obtain a refund.

Question 5:  I lost my parking permit, it was stolen, it came off at the car wash, I got a new vehicle, my vehicle was in an accident and totaled - do I have to pay for another parking permit?

  • Vehicle replacement - If a student purchased a parking permit for a vehicle that becomes inoperable, or if a student purchases a different vehicle within the period of validity of the purchased permit, a new permit will be issued without additional cost, and the old permit will become invalid.
  • Vehicle involved in a crash - If a student's current EFSC-registered vehicle becomes disabled due to a traffic crash, he or she will be issued a new permit for a new vehicle without additional cost, and the old permit will become invalid. A written statement detailing the facts and circumstances may be required. If a student's vehicle is temporarily disabled, he or she will be issued a temporary permit at no cost while the vehicle is being repaired.
  • Lost or stolen permit - If a student's current EFSC parking permit is lost or stolen, he or she may be required to provide a written statement detailing the facts and circumstances. If within the period of validity of the purchased permit, a new permit will be issued without additional cost, and the old permit will become invalid.
  • Damaged/replaced window - If a student's rear window becomes damaged and needs replacing, he or she will be issued a new permit without cost, and the old permit will become invalid. A written statement detailing the facts and circumstances may be required.

Question 6:  When may I get a student parking permit?

Student parking permits are always available in each of the Security Offices on each of the campuses. Student permits expire on June 30 each year with new permits effective July 1.

Question 7:  Do I need to request and pay for a parking permit if I am only registered for one class?

Yes. All students, regardless of the program (CC, VC, continuing ed or leisure classes, Dual Enrollment/Early Admissions, ESOL), who wish to bring a vehicle on campus are required to purchase a parking permit.

Question 8:  Do I need a parking permit if I take my classes through eLearning (online)?

Yes. If you will be bringing a vehicle on campus for any reason (hybrid class, proctored testing or tutoring for example), you will be required to obtain a parking permit.

Question 9:  Do I need to request a parking permit if I carpool, take the bus or get dropped off for classes?

No. Only those students who wish to park their vehicles on campus are required to purchase a parking permit.

Question 10:  I have more than one vehicle that I may bring on campus. Do I have to purchase a permit for it?

Yes. If you will regularly bring a vehicle on campus, you must purchase a parking permit for that vehicle if you are a student. Faculty and staff must request permits for each vehicle they drive to work. Permits are non-transferable.

Question 11:  How much do the parking permits cost?

Student parking permits cost $40 plus tax. Faculty and Staff do not pay for parking permits.

Question 12:  How long are the parking permits good for? What is the expiration date on parking permits?

Student parking permits are valid for a year. The expiration date for all student permits is June 30th each year. Those students who purchase and receive a parking permit in the summer, before the fall term, will have until June 30th of the following year before they expire. Student parking permits follow a fiscal year (July-June) not a calendar year.

Question 13:  Where can I get a permit once I have the temporary parking permit?

Students may pick up their parking permits in the Campus Security Office on each campus.

Question 14:  I have a rental/loaner car, what can I do so I don’t get a ticket?

Temporary Parking Passes are available in the Security Offices of each campus, povided you have a valid parking permit on file.

  • Make sure to obtain a temporary parking pass prior to class or work.
  • Temporary parking passes may be written up to 30 days. Duration of the pass is up to the discretion of the Security Office.

Question 15:  What is the deadline for having a parking permit on my vehicle each term?

All students must have a minimum of a temporary parking permit by the end of first week of classes of each term.

Students who fail to obtain a permit by the end of the first week of classes will be written citations by the Security Offices.

Question 16:  What are the consequences for not having a proper permit?

All vehicles parked on EFSC property without a valid parking permit face traffic citations for the violation.

  • Parking citations are given for each occurrence with the published fine for each infraction.
  • Failure to pay traffic citations will impact the student’s ability to progress in their studies, obtain grades and transcripts and graduate.

Question 17:  Do I need a parking permit if I am attending a public event or am a visitor to the campus?

No. Parking permits are not needed to attend public events or visiting on EFSC campuses. However, there may be a need for a temporary or event permit for your vehicle. This is determined by the Chief of Collegewide Security and the Event Coordinator.

Question 18:  I feel that I received a traffic citation in error. Can I contest or appeal the citation?

Yes. All parking permits and traffic citation disputes shall be directed to the Campus Sergeant for consideration and resolution.